From Finland, 22 years old and I have a passion for code. I started coding and modifying private mods as a hobby for Counter-Strike 1.6 when I was 14 years old. Nowadays I am passionate about web development.

demo - tnt airship


This webbapp was made to act as a front-end for a minecraft plugin. However, the back-end plugin was never made and when we used this,
we had to manually drop TNT and steer the balloon. We used a plugin called ViesCraft Airships. You built a ship and could control it in the air. With this said, I can't refer to any back-end plugin this front-end webbapplication could be used with. The idea was all along to modify an airships plugin to read our database and move according to the coordinates in the database.

How it works:
• Two axis: X and Y that are 384x384
• RIGHT, LEFT click updates the X axis with +1 respectively -1
• UP, DOWN click updates the Y axis with +1 respectively -1
• You can only click the buttons every 3 second, this to avoid overflow
• airship.php calls update.php every second to update the balloon on the map in "realtime"
• Map used here is generated by a website that generates an above picture of the map on a specified server.
• Feel free to use this, it can be found on GitHub under a MIT license.

Known bugs:
• Gives 1 error in console, nothing that really matters.
• For some kind of reason the balloon can SOMETIMES overlap the borders if there are many people updating the balloon position even though this is restricted in the code.
• No other known bugs, this is tested with around ~400 people realtime.